Recommendations rule!

In a world of endless options and overwhelming choice, recommendations make the difference.

Tomorrow’s book retailer distinguishes himself by outstanding service and recommendations. That’s where Bookarang comes in. We combine a love for literature with a knowledge of artificial intelligence and have become the expert in the field of content-based book recommendations.

Book retailers and libraries use our technology to provide their readers with truly relevant and personal recommendations — not on the basis of popularity or other people’s behaviour, but by using the book’s content and the reader’s personal preferences as a starting point.

Cutting-edge technology

Bookarang has developed cutting-edge technology to analyse and map the content of books. We cooperate with all Dutch publishing houses and extract thousands of features for every newly published book.

This data is then converted into a meaningful, human-readable form and used in applications that help readers find and discover books.

[tech expertises: machine learning, natural language processing, information retrieval, topic modeling, similarity computation]

Products & Services

We offer both ready-to-integrate APIs and fully tailored solutions.

Our products and services include: book similarity matching (alternative for ‘Other people also bought’); recommendations based on e.g. personal preferences, themes and current affairs; book discovery tools; full-fledged personalisation (e.g. interfaces, mailings); full-text semantic search.

Service & Support

Simplicity and user-friendliness are our top priorities. Clear technology, open collaboration and 24/7 support.


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